Happy Parsi New Year 2020: Eat these Parsi food dishes.


  • Navroz 2020 is being celebrated across the world on March 20th
  • A number of world leaders and celebrities wished people on the festival
  • Here are some recipes to try on the Parsi New Year

Navroz is the combination of two words – ‘nav’, meaning new and ‘roz’, which means day. The Parsi New Year or Navroz marks the season of regeneration, and it is also the first day as per the Zoroastrian calendar. The festival also coincides with the summer equinox falling on 20th March, 2020. It is a day to spend in the company of loved ones with warmth and happiness all around. And needless to say, could a grand Parsi festival ever go without delicious food?

World leaders and prominent celebrities took to Twitter to wish their followers on the auspicious occasion.

Union Minister Smriti Irani shared a picture of her Navroz celebrations with loads of fruits, dry fruits and traditional Parsi drinks in the frame. Several other users wrote in to wish Twitterati on the festival of Navroz, including the likes of celebrities such as actress Amyra Dastur.

The history of Navroz celebrations dates back to 3000 years ago in the reign of the Parsi supreme leader, king Jamshed. Houses are cleaned and decorated, adorned with flowers and patterns that symbolise luck and prosperity. Parsi families take a bath and don new clothes. It is a part of the traditions to visit the Parsi Fire Temple along with family and friends for a special prayer ceremony called ‘Jashan’. The people greet each other outside the temple once they are through with the prayers.

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navroz 650Navroz is associated with a number of foods. 

Coming back to festive food, there are a number of Parsi dishes that are savoured by people during the festival of Navroz. The common thread that links all the dishes is a balanced mix of sweet and spicy. If there is a spicy Dhansak, there is a delicious Lagan Nu Custard to match it, and lots of Raspberry Soda to wash it down! A lot of meat and eggs are used in the dishes as per Parsi traditions to put together to make a sumptuous spread which can be enjoyed by everyone.

Here Are 7 Parsi Recipes To Enjoy On Navroz 2020:

  1. Chicken Farcha, which is a popular chicken appetiser
  2. Parsi Mutton Cutlets, made with minced mutton and a variety of spices
  3. Salli Boti, which is red hot mutton mixed with potato shreds
  4. Patrani Machi, which is steamed fish with coconut chutney
  5. Bhaji Par Eda, which is a vegetable bhaji with a fried egg on top
  6. Dhansak, which is a rice-lentil preparation with added mutton in it
  7. Lagan Nu Custard, which is a special custard made on auspicious occasions

Happy Navroz 2020 to all our readers!

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