New York citizens have taken it upon themselves to feed people who are protesting.


  • Two citizens of New York have taken to cooking for protestors
  • They are supplying free meals to protestors in New York
  • This is for the ongoing ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement

The ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign has gained momentum on the internet, after the brutal killing of a George Floyd in police custody in the city of Minneapolis. The protestors across United States of America have been showcasing their solidarity with the black community in different ways, both online and offline. Two citizens of New York have taken it upon themselves to provide free meals and desserts to participating protestors of the movement. Their generous gesture is winning hearts on the internet. Take a look:

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Twitter user @leonyc6 shared a photo with his colleague with a heartfelt caption and some pictures of the food they made. The duo together made 400 meals and 200 dessert trays for the protestors, in case they may not have access to food in these testing times. “Gotta do whatever we can to help,” he wrote in his tweet. The meal trays they made comprised chicken, lentils, a cheese dip and vegetables. The dessert serving had a slice of cake, a cookie and a cupcake each.

The tweet went viral on the micro-blogging website, garnering over 200k likes and 50k retweets. People appreciated the gesture that the two New Yorkers did for the protestors in Brooklyn. Some complimented them on cooking such delicious meals, while others wanted to donate to their cause. Take a look at the reactions:

The duo also set up a fundraising account so as to raise money for their food and kitchen supplies. As of 6th June, they had managed to raise over $2,000 for their noble cause. We wish them all the very best for their future endeavours too!

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