• Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day.
  • Bowl meals are one of the easiets, quickest way for a wholesome breakfast
  • Here are 5 breakfast bowls you can prepare in a jiffy

Mornings are usually some of the most stressful hours of the day. With so much to do in the morning – from finishing household chores to getting ready for work, we often skip the most important meal of the day – breakfast. Most of us just grab a cup of coffee and a slice of bread and think that it is enough. We understand that it can be time-consuming and challenging to prepare a wholesome, delicious as well as nutritious breakfast in the rushed hours. But fret not! Here we give you some super easy and quick breakfast options that will make your work easier.

Bowl Meals For Wholesome Breakfast

Bowl meals are the simplest and quickest breakfast options one can put together. No wonder they have taken over the world! One can simply put together their favourite foods from fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, cereals and even meat together for an interesting mix of flavours and goodness in one bowl. Not only are bowl meals quick this way, but also look so vibrant with a melange of different ingredients! Fruits, seeds and nuts are some of the most popular breakfast options which are not just delicious but extremely nutritious.

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Here Are 5 Wholesome Bowl Meals You Can Try At Home:

1. Chocolate Acai Bowl

Picture a bowl of decadent hazelnut with crunchy granola, nuts, berries and cacao on top – slurping already? This delish bowl brimming with the goodness of fresh acai berries, banana and nuts is a perfect way to kick-start your day. Find the recipe here.


2. Banana Peanut Butter Oat Meal Bowl

Give your traditional oats porridge a chocolatey and crunchy twist! Topped with bananas, peanut butter, hazelnut spread, almond flakes and chia seeds, this oat meal bowl is as wholesome as it can get! Find the recipe here.

3. Walnut, Berry and Beetroot Smoothie Bowl

Beetroots are packed with fibre and are often used in smoothies and shakes for their beautiful, vibrant deep red tint! This simple beetroot, berries and nuts smoothie bowl is wholesome due to the oats and walnuts in it and flavoursome due to the addition of berries, ginger and mint to the mix. A win-win breakfast recipe! Find the recipe here.

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4. Pina Colada Smoothie Bowl

If you want your breakfast meal to be filled with bright colours and a hint of health, then this pina colada smoothie bowl should be your pick. With coconut milk, low fat yogurt and fresh fruits like pineapples, strawberries, mangoes, passion fruit, banana and kiwi tossed in, this recipe is a real treat for those rushed mornings. It contains no added sugar and makes for a refreshing start to your day. Fitness lovers, are you reading this? Find the recipe here.

5. Cranberry Wellness Bowl

Cranberries are loaded with nutrients and low on sugar, which makes them perfect to add in our regular meals. This wholsome bowl has the goodness of leafy veggies like lettuce along with corn, carrots and chickpeas tossed with a tangy and sweet dressing of cranberry, balsamic vinegar and maple syrup. Find the recipe here.

Try these quick breakfast bowls for your morning meals and share your experiences with us in the comments section below.

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