Onions are effective in keeping your cholesterol in check.


  • Onions are packed with nutrition
  • Onions are very versatile
  • Onions can be used to make jams too

The importance of onions in an Indian pantry cannot be stressed enough. There are several communities in India who use onions in their daily preparations. The distinct pungent taste of onion can lift up the flavour of just about any dish. While we mostly associate onions with all things savoury, but they work just as good in sweet preparations too. Take for instance this onion jam, this sweet and sticky jam, can make for a nice accompaniment to your daily meals, you can spread it over toasts, bruschettas, pizzas and sandwiches too. You can also make yourself some stuffed garlic bread and use this jam in the stuffing. The star ingredient of the jam is ever-so-versatile onion, so you know there are options galore!

Onion’s health benefits:

  • Onions are effective in keeping your cholesterol in check.
  • They are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin C is a potent antioxidant that helps fight free radical activity taking a toll on your immunity an skin.
  • Onions are also enriched with antioxidant quercetin that helps keep inflammation and allergies in check.
  • The folate present in onions is good for brain development, and breaking down of triglycerides.
  • Onions also boast of antibacterial properties.
  • Onions may do wonders for your blood sugar management due to chromium, a mineral that helps prevent abrupt blood sugar spikes.
  • Onions are a good source Vitamin B6 and manganese, they also contain trace amounts of calcium, iron and phosphorous.

Onion Jam recipe:

This onion jam is very easy to make, all you need to do is caramelize onions until they turn brown and translucent. Some other ingredients you would need to make this jam are oil, butter, brown sugar, salt, black pepper, chilly flakes and vinegar. If you allergic to onion, it is best to avoid the recipe. Heat oil and butter in a deep-bottom pan for two minutes before you start to caramelise your onions, first heat in low flame, and increase the flame when they begin to get softer and translucent. You have to cook them until they get a nice golden brown colour, you may use powdered sugar if you do not have brown sugar, but make sure you do not add a lot of it. When you add sugar, vinegar and salt to your onions, make sure you keep stirring consistently. Cook until the onions are sticky and brown.

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