• Sooji is also known as semolina
  • Sooji is a good source of protein
  • Sooji ki kheer is a delicious quick fix for your sweet cravings

Sooji (or semolina) is a common fixture in Indian kitchens. From sooji ka halwa to sooji ka chila, we can use the flour in an array of quick and wholesome delicacies. It is a good thing that it is considered among the healthier flour alternatives. Yes, you heard us! Semolina is a flour made of durum wheat, and packs more nutrition than all-purpose flour. The versatility of sooji has inspired many chefs to conceive a range of dishes, simply because it is so easy to work with. If you are craving something sweet, and the time crunch does not allow you to experiment a whole lot, then you can simply roast some semolina, mix it with boiling milk, a few chunky nuts and aromatic spices, for a toothsome kheer. Yes, it is that easy.

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Here is a step-by-step recipe video from NDTV Food’s YouTube channel.

Watch: Sooji Ki Kheer Recipe Video:

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Sooji Ki Kheer Recipe:

To make this sooji ki kheer, you would need ghee, sooji, milk, sugar, cardamom powder, chironji and some almonds. First, roast sooji in ghee, until it is slightly brown, and keep it aside. Then, in another pan, bring the milk to boil, keep stirring so that there is no formation of malai, as soon as your milk starts to bubble – add the roasted sooji, followed by sugar, cardamom powder, chironji and almonds. Bring down the flame by a notch, make sure you keep stirring the mixture from time to time. Let it cook for 7-8 minutes. Your kheer is ready to dig into.

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