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Almost everyone will agree that meat is a very delicious food. That said, if you want to enjoy its taste properly it is imperative that you cook it as perfectly as possible. Cooking meats can be challenging, particularly if you are new to cooking. That is because cooking meat the way it should be cooked is a unique skill that takes time to learn. This is why you should know about the best tips you can use to cook meats efficiently.

So what are the simplest and easiest ways of cooking various meats in your kitchen? Read no to learn more about these ways which you can use to your meat cooking process quite easy and trouble free!


There is no doubt that grilling is one of the easiest and most efficient ways of cooking meat at your home. It is not necessary that you have an outdoor grill if you wish to grill meat yourself. According to Ido Fishman, a stovetop grill pan may serve the same purpose as an outdoor grill. The former can assist in getting charred ridges that people like very much at summer barbecues.

One of the best things about grilling is that it works very well with just about anything such as fatty fishes, steaks, burgers, boneless or bone in chicken. Simply look up a recommended grill time and keep an eye on the protein as it smokes and sizzles. Even if you manage to make any kind of mistakes, you may cover them up with the help of barbecue sauce or ketchup.


If you would like to cook a piece of meat, then baking is probably the simplest way you can make use of. What you have to do is simply set your oven to a temperature — often under 375 degrees — allow it to preheat, and finally set protein in for a certain time period. This period of time is generally less than 60 minutes.

Baking is the particular technique you make use of for pan meals and you may also leverage baking for cooking pork chops, chicken cutlets or even white fish. What Ido Fishman Chef is that you may also use baking for certain ground meats, such as beef or turkey, to be baked as meat loafs, meat balls or pies and casseroles. Since baking has the capacity to dehydrate meats, ensure that you marinate them. What you can also do is having a dipping sauce all ready.


Although it is true that poaching is not exactly the most flavorful method, but it is quite an easy means to cook meat and you can use it to create stringy and tender portions of meats to use in stews and soups or even in grain bowls, wraps, sandwiches, and salads.

If you are trying to cook meat in batches, poaching can very well be the best tool at your disposal. Simply salt some broth or water, bring the cooking liquid to a boiling temperature, reduce the heat, and then toss your meat in. After a quarter of an hour, you will have meat that is fully cooked that you can shred and drain with the help of a fork to utilize in several ways.


As per Ido Fishman and several other cooking experts around the world, braising is probably the best possible way to cook a piece of meat on a day that is considerably cold. Braising entails searing a meat piece and then cooking it slowly in liquid, often a combination of wine and broth with other seasonings.


To summarize, cooking meat can be a complex and time-consuming process if you do not know how to do it efficiently. That said, the ways of cooking meat mentioned in this article are by far the easiest and if you follow them to a T, you can manage to save a lot valuable time cooking in the kitchen!



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