Jowar bhakri & danyachi is a popular meal in Maharashtra.


  • All those staying at home these days, here is a meal that they may try.
  • Rujuta Diwekar shared the recipe of jowar bakhra and danyachi.
  • This combo is a popular meal in Maharashtra.

Almost everyone is practicing self-isolation and staying at home due to coronavirus scare these days. It is the best thing to do during this critical period when preventing the spread of the virus is of utmost importance. In the wake of widespread quarantine declared in many countries, many people are stocking up their kitchens with essentials. For those who have locked themselves inside their homes and avoiding stepping out at all, here is a meal that they may try. It is made with some common foods with long shelf life.

Rujuta Diwekar shared the recipe a post on her Instagram account talking about the delicious jowar bhakri and danyachi. The meal is popularly consumed in the state of Maharashtra along with some other parts of the country as well. Jowar bhakri & danyachi is just like your routine roti and chutney.

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Jowar bhakri is roti-lookalike bread made with sorghum, but it’s not quite like it. It is coarser than the wheat-based roti and also gluten-free. Sorghum is known to be a great source of energy and the grain also helps in smooth digestion along with maintaining heart health and regulating blood pressure.

How to make jowar bakhri

Knead dough with sorghum and some salt and water. Make bakhra just like you make your atta roti. Pair it with danyachi chutney. Danyachi chutney is basically peanut chutney. If you love peanut butter, you will love this homemade peanut chutney as well.

How to make danyachi chutney

Dry roast some peanuts on a pan till they change their colour. Remove their skin. Make a paste of cumin seeds and garlic cloves, with salt and red chilli powder. Combine the roasted peanuts and the spice paste in a food processor and pulse a few times till a fine powdery paste is formed. Your danyachi or dry peanut chutney is ready.

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Danyachi is a powder or masala made with roasted peanuts and spices. 

This healthy homemade chutney is the best thing you can make and store. It will last a long time and will add a great nutty flavour to your meals. Stay home, stay safe and enjoy good food!

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