A man disguised as batman is helping needy and homeless people in Santiago, Chile.


  • A stranger has taken upon the mission of feeding the homeless
  • He provides dozens of hot meals to the needy daily
  • His batman disguise caught the intrigue of localites

The Coronavirus pandemic has brought livelihoods to a standstill and also shrunk economic activity. The poor sections of the society have been impacted the worst with little or no means to earn livelihood while following restrictions related to Covid-19. The unemployment rate has gone up to 12% in Chile which is the highest in the past decade. Given the current economic situation, one citizen of Santiago, the Chilean capital, came forth to help out the needy and homeless in his own unique way.

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The citizen of Santiago is disguised as Batman and he is often seen on the prowl in the streets of the city. He wears a shiny Batman suit which is complete with Covid-protection gear such as a face mask. It is his personal mission to provide plates of hot food to the homeless on a regular basis to sustain them post the pandemic. His noble gesture won him local recognition, but the man chooses to go unnamed.

The man did reveal what inspired him for the mission. “Look around you, see if you can dedicate a little time, a little food, a little shelter, a word sometimes of encouragement to those who need it”, he said to Reuters. As for the disguise of Batman? He said it meant to bring good cheer and unite.

And despite the Batman suit, Simon Salvador, one of the recipients, said the true sentiment was clear. “It is appreciated…from one human to another,” Salvador said. We hope to come across many more such humanitarian gestures and real heroes who continue to inspire others to do the same.

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