The summer season is never complete without indulging in some delicious mangoes. Known as ‘king of the fruits’, mangoes make an indispensable part of our diet during this season. Other than enjoying the fruit as is, mangoes have long list of culinary usages. From raw mango chutney to mango-shake with sweet-ripe mangoes – there are number of popular mango-based recipes in India and some other Asian countries. To put it simply, the rich flavour and aroma of mangoes make it hard for us to resist the fruit.

Here’s adding to the list, we bring a sweet-chilli mango sauce recipe that can be considered as a tropical twist to the much loved mango-based dish ‘aamras’.

This sweet-chilli mango sauce recipe includes coconut milk (just how milk is added to aamras recipe), giving an oriental-flavour to the condiment. This recipe can be prepared under 30 minutes and stored for a week in refrigerator.

Here’s The Recipe For Sweet-Chilli Mango Sauce:


Ripe mangoes- 3

Powdered sugar- half to one cup (as per your palate)

Coconut milk- half cup

Lemon juice- 2 tablespoons

Corn flour- 1-2 teaspoon

Garlic- 3 cloves (chopped finely)

Ginger- 1 teaspoon (roughly chopped)

Chilli flakes/red chilli powder- 1 tablespoon

Olive/refined oil- 1 tablespoon

Pink salt- 1 teaspoon


De-skin and chop the ripe, pulpy mangoes and put in a blender.

Add ginger and lemon juice to it and blend well.

Heat oil in a pan and add garlic to it. Fry till the raw smell of the garlic vanishes.

Now, add the blended mango pulp to it and stir on medium/low flame.

Add coconut milk, sugar, salt, chilli flakes/red chilli powder to it and stir for atleast one minute.

Meanwhile, mix the cornflour in and pour in the pan. Cornflour brings the consistency of the sauce.

Let it cook till you get the desired consistency of the sauce.

Cool down and store in a sterlisied air tight glass container.

How To Consume Sweet-Chilli Mango Sauce:

Sweet chilli mango sauce tastes best with Thai mango sticky rice. This is a preparation of sticky rice in coconut sauce and garnished with mangoes. You can make it yet more luscious by pouring some mango sauce on the rice.

You can make your classic pancake summer-special by topping it with mango sauce, instead of maple syrup.

This sauce can be used as salad dressing for raw papaya salad, Greek salad or any kind of summer special salad.

You can use sweet-chilli mango sauce as a dip to enjoy pita breads, nachos and more.

If you want to enjoy this sauce in a desi-style, then, spread some of this sauce on your paratha or roti, add some freshly chopped mangoes to it and make a roll.

Prepare and this sweet-chilli mango sauce at home and add to the simplest of the foods to make them taste exotic!

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