The summer season is here and its scorching heat is brutal for health at times. We may face several health issues like dehydration, indigestion, nausea, diarrhoea, skin-related problems et al. Hence it is a must to opt for simple, comforting and gut-healthy diet during this season to keep the body cool and well hydrated. One of such comfort foods is a soulful kadhi. This yogurt-based dish is popular in almost every part of the country, with its own unique modification as it passes through different regions. Maharashtrian kadhi is one of the best ones you’ll ever have, so here we bring its recipe to you.

Kadhi is generally made with yogurt and besan beaten together. Both the ingredients come with their list of health benefits. Besan is known to be protein-rich, whereas yogurt contains a host of properties that the body, especially gut, needs to keep healthy. Besan is rich in soluble fibre which makes it heart-healthy and weight-loss friendly. It is also touted as one of the best home remedies for diabetes. Yogurt or dahi, on the other hand, is rich in probiotic content, which makes it good for gut; it may help in warding off several digestion and metabolism related issues. Dahi also helps to keep the body hydrated and boost it with energy and immunity. Due to its sufficient calcium and no-cholesterol content, dahi is also good for the bones and heart, respectively.

Speaking about Maharashtrian kadhi, what makes it different from the North Indian version is the taste and consistency. Maharashtrian kadhi is slightly thicker and less tangy than the North Indian one. The Maharashtrian kadhi also doesn’t include ‘besan ke pakode’ in the dish. Other ingredients used in Maharashtrian kadhi are methi, curry leaves, ginger, garlic etc. Here’s the written version of the recipe for you.

Maharashtrian kadhi makes for a perfect and light summer meal when consumed with steamed rice, lemon or mango pickle, papad and some sabzi of your choice. So try this recipe for a weekday or weekend meal and soothe your soul. Happy summer!

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