Protein-rich dal can be used to make a variety of dishes.


  • Dal is a staple in Indian households.
  • Here are some unique dal recipes you can try in lockdown.
  • Make these dal-based dishes if you are bored of plain old dal.

With the fear of Coronavirus looming large, forcing us to stay indoors, our visit to grocery stores is limited just for essentials. Everyone is trying to stock non-perishable food items and finding ways to cook with them. Dals have always been a staple in Indian households, more so right now, as there’s a variety of dals you can make for your basic Indian platter. However, if you and your family are bored of the same dal-roti and dal-chawal routine, use the same dals to churn out some unique dishes to keep your appetite entertained.

Being foodies ourselves, we understand the exasperation of eating the same kind of meals day after day, especially when you are unable to order in restaurant food or visit one. So, give your regular dal a ‘quarantine-special’ spin and try these unique dal recipes.

5 Unique Dal Recipe Ideas That Are Anything But Regular


Moong dal ka halwa is something we all love but you can use other dals too to make the Indian dessert. Other sweet dishes that you can make with dal are pural poli, a Maharashtrian delight made with chana dal, or green gram fudge with green moong lentil, or even dal ki barfi.


Lentil fudge makes for a delicious dessert. 


There’s a sea of snacking options you can pick to cook with dals. Dal kachori, dal pakora, kebabs, samosa and even dal tikki, are some of the usual snacks you can try with a different flavour of lentils.


If you want to stick to a healthy diet, what else can make you happy than healthy lentil soups brimming with proteins and other nutrients. Moong dal shorba, Mulligatawny soup, lentils pumpkin and cranberry soup – are some dal soup recipes you can try.


Another healthy meal you would love to feed you family is a salad. Protein-rich dal combined with nutritious veggies and fruits – all in one bowl – is anything but boring. You must try – lentil and broccoli salad, cabbage and chana dal salad, and masoor dal salad.


Whether you are working from home or just binge-watching your favourite shows on TV, your side table must be stacked with chips. Add a hint of healthfulness to your munchies by making dips with the protein-rich lentils.


Lentils can be used to make dips also. 

We are sure you’ll love dal all over again after trying these yummy dal recipes. If you have more ideas of using dal to create something different, do share with us in the comments section below.

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