• Curry leaves aid weight loss
  • Curry leaves manage diabetes
  • Curry leaves are famous as rich aromatic culinary herb

As the summer is approaching, we are all set to indulge in different cold and curd based beverages; and the most common and popular ones are chaas and lassi. These beverages have their own fan-base in India, which can’t be unturned. From thelas to the finest of the restaurants, you will always find people ordering lassi as their beverage option. Moreover, it is equally easy to make lassi or chaas at home. Talking about lassi, it comes in various delicious versions- from mango lassi to dry fruit ones.

Adding on to the list, here we bring you ‘kadhi patta lassi’, which will not only add a strong flavour to the drink, but will also include some health benefits in your life.

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Curry leaves, or as we call it kadhi patta (in Hindi), is known for its innumerable health benefits. This local Indian herb is known to be rich in vitamins, minerals and several other nutrients, which may promote good digestion, aid weight loss, control blood sugar, manage diabetes and more. Adding on to all these, it is famous as a rich aromatic culinary herb!

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ml97i7roCurry leaves may promote good digestion

Here Is The Recipe For ‘Kadhi Patta Lassi’ For You:

Serves: Two


Curd: two cups

Hung curd: two tablespoons

Curry leaves: one cup

Chaat masala: as per taste

Black peppercorn: as per taste

Black Salt: as per taste

Sugar: as per taste

Water: one cup

Oil- one teaspoon

Black mustard seed- half teaspoon

Hing (asafoetida)- one pinch


Take the curry leaves (leaving six to eight leaves), black pepper corn in a mixer grinder and make a smooth paste.

Now take the paste, curd and water in and blend them well. If you feel the consistency of the lassi is thicker, then add some more water to it.

Add chaat masala, black salt and sugar as per your taste and mix them well. Make sure you use more salt and less sugar. Sugar here is used to enhance the salty-taste of the lassi.

When you are happy with the consistency, pour the lassi in two glasses.

Now heat a pan with oil, add hing, mustard seeds and curry leaves and fry on a medium flame (to keep the colour of curry leaves intact).

Drain the oil and keep the mix ready.

Now garnish the two glasses of lassi with one tablespoon of hung curd and the fried curry leaf mix.

Sprinkle some chaat masala on the top and enjoy!

You can also add some ice while blending the lassi if you want it chilled.


You can also try sweet ‘kadhi patta lassi’ where all you need to do is blend the kadhi patta paste, curd, water and sugar; and garnish with some black salt sprinkles on it.

It is always better to add both salt and sugar in any preparation (ratio varies dish to dish) as they enhance each other’s flavour- a pinch of salt enhances the sweetness of a dish and a pinch of sugar enhances the salty-taste of a dish.

This ‘kadhi patta lassi’ can be an ultimate combination of taste and goodness for this summer season. Happy indulgence!

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