Are you a burger addict such that you can munch a couple or more of your favorite burger just to satisfy your craving? In South Florida, there are many burger joints that will make you get connected with foodies wanting for your same dose of servings. Here are five of them which never fail to make it in many best and top lists.

Keg South

A destination not only for citizens of the burger nation, Keg South is also a haven for sports fans. It showcases major sporting events taking its customers to the site of actions like courts, rings, and race tracks beamed from any of the six (6) flat screen TVs strategically set on the premises. One of its best-sellers is the ¾ pounder keg burger with all the fill-ins you want. It also has a billiards table where you and your friends can all show your own master cue ball’s tricks! Restaurant review site UrbanSpoon puts this good vibe steakhouse cum burger joint as one of the best in the Miami area. Clients who have set their feet on this have only good words for the tasty burgers served to them. A must try if you happen to pass by the 136th Ave!

Cut 432

Cutting out its own place in this list is Cut 432, a local burger joint in Delray Beach owned by Brandon Belluscio and Brian Albe. The place has its own take on burger using 12 oz. blend of chuck and top round American wagyu beef made flavorful by all-favorite ensemble of toppings and fillings comprised of Cabot cheddar, lettuce, red onion, heirloom tomato, and some pickles. Along with this mouth-watering burger, it also has a good menu to back up the beach-style setting of the place. No wonder it also made it to SoFlaFoodie’s list on where to find the best local burgers during 2014 National Hamburger Month.

The Counter

If you want to try a combination of about 300000 different variations just to arrive at possibly the best burger you could ever eat in your lifetime, then head on to Southern Palm Crossing Shopping Center in Southern Boulevard and look for The Counter. This establishment gives its customers the privilege of choosing from around 10 kinds of cheese, 27 toppings, 17 sauces, and three types of buns. To make its burgers more nutritious, the Angus beef used is free of antibiotics and hormones. Try out their burger of the month offering and be surprised that burgers can just have their own adventurous twists. The place itself is commendable because of its urban-edgy decors. Sun-Sentinel has this place on their favorites.

Shake Shack

A fast-rising burger chain, Shake Shack has now its branch set-up in Glades Road in Boca Raton. Serving its own cult of loyal followers, the shack and shock is in its basic offering comprised of buns, beef, and few toppings. Pretty good for a few bucks sliced off the customer’s wallet, and your taste buds won’t be disappointed either.

John Martin’s Irish Pub

Famous for its so-called Blackened Pub Burger, John Martin’s Irish Pub has perfectly created a mix of the best Cajun spices to which half-pound of freshly ground sirloin is dipped and dredged before broiling it and topping it with smoked bacon and Irish cheddar. Now, isn’t that perfect for a burger indulgence.

South Florida is a region which is very rich when it comes to food diversity. And talking of burgers alone, the five spots listed above are from where you can have a taste of some of the best burgers the region has ever produced.

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