The mere sight of a freshly baked cake is enough to make us grin. A lot of us realised how baking could prove to be such a therapeutic affair during the lockdown, and what all did we not try baking. From banana bread and mug cakes to pies and tarts. Now, that the lockdown is being lifted, we’d like to believe that we are a bit too hooked to baking to part ways. If you are also one of us and love to experiment with cake batters, you would love this marble cake recipe. The rage of marble cake is a fairly recent one. For the uninitiated, these cakes with smooth, variegated patterns resemble the wonderful marble rocks with contrasting colours, and that is how they get their much peculiar name.   

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The contrasting colours of the marble cake recipe posted on NDTV Food are chocolate brown and beige. No, you do not need any artificial food colouring for this cake, and this recipe will school you how to get those coloured patterns using the easily available ingredients. This cake is eggless so even vegetarians could enjoy this chocolaty, spongy treat. Mix your wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately, before you mix them all together, this would ensure you have no lumps in the batter. Follow this recipe, step-by-step and make your own stunning marble cake at home.

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