• This pasta is a treat for cheese lovers
  • You can experiment with the kind of cheese you would want
  • You can always customise the pasta as per your liking

There is something about cheese that can liven up just about any dish. Throw it on top of pizzas, breads, salads and parathas, and you have a winner. Cheese also defies boundaries, you can use it in any preparation be it gourmet or desi, you can also please anyone from a child to a grown-up person using just a handful of it. If there is one dish, where we never mind a dash of rich cheese is pasta. If you are on the same boat as us, this recipe of four cheese pasta is sure to make you grin.

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An indulgent spin on America’s mac and cheese, this pasta is haven for cheese lovers. With goodness of not one, or two but four cheese, this creamy treat screams indulgence. The best part about this pasta is the ease with which you can make it at home. Make sure you stock up on all the cheese in advance, and the herbs and veggies as well. You can always customise the pasta as per your liking. Not a fan of veggies? No need to add them; short on herbs, perhaps you can omit a few here and there. But if you truly expect a delectable experience, make sure you are not stingy witch cheese. You can also experiment with the kind of cheese you would want to use for the recipe.

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The pasta is all things rich and luscious, so a bit of garlic bread on the sides would be a nice idea to balance out the dense creaminess of the pasta. Patience is key in this recipe. Boil pasta in advance. Let it cook until it is al dente. Cook the sauce until it is thick coats the back of your spoon.

Here is the step-by step recipe of four cheese pasta.

Try it at home and let us know how you like it in the comments section below.

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