This Genius Hack Lets You Fit Two Bowls In A Microwave, And All You Need Is A Mug

TikTok user came up with an easy hack to fit two bowls in a microwave.


  • It is often a problem to fit in two bowls together in a microwave
  • A TikTok user has innovated an interesting hack to fit them in
  • Take a look at this viral video

The microwave is possibly one of the most convenient kitchen appliances. The process of reheating food, or even cooking it from scratch becomes seamless with the help of a microwave. If there’s one drawback of using this humble appliance, it is the lack of space. It is exceedingly difficult to fit more than one utensil into the microwave. But a TikTok user has found a solution to this problem as well. Take a look:


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The TikTok user Charlotte Lock, who goes by the handle @thebournemouthmum, has shared the unique hack for fitting two bowls in a microwave. The video of the easy technique will make you wonder why you didn’t think of this before. “I cannot believe I have got through life without knowing this,” the mother wrote in the caption of the video.

What she did in the video was basically that she used an overturned mug to support the second bowl and give it space in the microwave. This let both mugs easily fit in the limited area, and gave both enough room to get heated up.

The TikTok video got over 400k views on the video sharing application and many surprised reactions from all viewers. Users expressed their happiness on receiving this interesting bit of knowledge that would make smoothen out their day-to-day functioning.

The internet is abound with many more such interesting hacks, as chefs often share their own wisdom and experience with users. If you want to read more about such easy cooking hacks and kitchen secrets, click here.

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