Shawarma is usually served with mayonnaise and pickles.


  • Shawarma has taken over Indian street food
  • It is a middle-eastern delight with juicy chunks of meat
  • Here is how you can make a low-fat chicken shawarma at home

Juicy chicken chunks tossed with spices and herbs, laced with mayonnaise and wrapped inside pita bread, chicken shawarma has a piece of our heart. The Lebanese snack has taken over India’s street food scene and the foodie in us has embraced the Middle-Eastern delight like nothing else. One can find shawarma rolls nowadays almost everywhere, from high-end Lebanese restaurants to a street-side stall tucked away in a corner. And well, we aren’t complaining either!

If you thought making a shawarma roll at home isn’t that easy, then this easy recipe of chicken shawarma will definitely make you think again! This low-fat chicken shawarma recipe uses yogurt in its marinade as well as in the sauce that is laced over the pita bread and served alongside. The sliced chicken chunks are tossed in a mouth-watering mix of spices and herbs including cayenne powder, cinnamon, paprika, all-spice, lemon and more along with yogurt. It is saut√©ed till dry and spread on pita bread, rolled with a yogurt and tahini sauce and served!

Find the full recipe here.

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You can even roll it with lettuce for a much healthier version along with more of crunchy veggie inside. Since chicken breasts and thighs are said to be loaded with protein, you can choose the chicken parts wisely to make it more protein-rich. Less on fat, high in protein, this chicken shawarma is the best balance of tasty and healthy that one can make at home!

Try it at home for your next evening binge or when the chicken cravings are hard to resist and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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