A video of a peacock being fed by human hands has gone viral.


  • A video of a man feeding rice to a peacock has gone viral
  • The video was shared on Twitter and has garnered several thousand views
  • Take a look at the majestic bird eating food

Among all the videos that go viral, the kind that are most commonly found are pet videos. Delighted pet owners often take to social media to share their pets’ adorable antics to the further adulation of the internet. While these videos mostly comprise either cats or dogs, we encountered another such gem featuring a peacock! Yes, you heard that right. A video of a man feeding rice to a peacock from his own hand has taken the internet by frenzy. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Twitter by a user @ethirajans, who himself was the man featuring in it. It was captured by the user himself while offering the rice to the peacock by hand. The creature seemed at ease and friendly, and was not daunted by the human hand offering him the food. The peacock pecked at a few rice grains with its beak and then retrieved its head for more.

The adorable video caught the attention of Twitterati, who couldn’t get over the majestic bird being fed without fuss. The Indian Peacock, which is touted to be the National bird of India, is often a delight to be spotted in public gardens and forested areas. However, a view of the bird at such close quarters thrilled the ecstatic viewers. Netizens poured in their reactions to the video, as they were truly impressed by the feat. Some Twitter users also expressed their concern about how the constant pecking of the Peacock might hurt the hand of the man. Take a look at the reactions:

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