Try This Almond-Raw Papaya Kebab With Pineapple Salsa For A Healthy Snack

Healthy snacks recipes are many, but this kebab is a class apart.


  • These raw papaya kebabs are a storehouse of health
  • This recipe is by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur
  • Try this recipe next time you feel mid-meal hunger pangs

Hunger is a feeling that can arise at any time. We often feel the inevitable pangs and growls from within, especially in between meals. The way that we mostly adopt to satiate these cravings striking at odd hours is by eating something unhealthy. It is just so easy to reach out for a bag of chips or a packet of biscuits to temporarily satisfy these mid-meal hunger pangs. However, it is not good for us to do so every time. This almond raw papaya kebab with pineapple salsa recipe by celebrity chef Kunal Kapur is not just healthy, but also a delightful snack to devour whenever hunger strikes.

The healthy kebabs are made with a basic mixture of grated raw papaya and almond. Grated potato is also used in the recipe to bind the ingredients together. Raw papaya is known to be one of the most healthy vegetables which is housed with good nutrients and various health benefits. The soft, pulpy texture of the kebab makes it easy to work with and a great companion on your journey to stay healthy and fit.

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These healthy and flavourful kebabs are a great way to snack healthily. 

The best part of the almond-papaya kebabs is that they are not deep-fried and are simply heated from both sides in a pan with minimal oil. The almond raw papaya kebabs are accompanied with a flavourful and all-natural pineapple salsa made with no added sugar for optimal taste. An important cooking tip is to drain all the water from the raw papaya in this recipe. Use a pinch of salt to help you out in the process!

So, next time you want to snack on something which is the perfect combination of health and taste – make these healthy raw papaya kebabs with pineapple salsa!

Click here for the full step-by-step recipe. 

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