This dusk on October 31 why not host a Twilight Halloween Party! Ideas are so easy to come up with because Halloween and Twilight Party Ideas are perfect together…just like Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. (Do you know another word for “Dusk”?)

Come this October, with everyone awaiting the release of The Twilight Saga’s sequel movie, New Moon…this is going to be a very popular Halloween party theme! There are plenty of great party ideas right in the Stephanie Meyer Book Saga for you to incorporate into your celebration…whatever it is for. This Vampire and Human romance movie and book sensation have created a whole new party theme genre. The characters have become Halloween costumes, the meals in the books and movie have become popular…everything about Twilight from cast to characters and A to Z has taken the unsuspecting Tweens and Teens by storm. A Twilight Storm.

I’m sure, by now, most Tween and Teen aged kids have read at least the first of this four book saga. And if they haven’t, I’m sure the Halloween Twilight Party Invitation you make and send them will spark their interest in doing just that. They will have to read the books to find a proper costume for this Costume party you are planning. Make sure to write on the invites that it is a Costume wearing get together…this way most of your guests will be sure to dress up as a Cullen, A Volturi, a Forks native or a Quileute. Maybe you will even have a Cullen car costume or two! Make sure you have a costume contest, with prizes for the most inventive costume, the best costume and the silliest costume. Give the winners a Jelly Apple or a Golden Onion!

If anyone asks for a costume idea you can tell them anyone of the Cullen’s, Bella, the Volturi, the Quileutes, Werewolves and just simple, everyday people of Forks are all perfect costume ideas. Eric, Mike, Jessica and Angela went surfing in the movie, so give someone a wet suit and surf board costume idea. The more off the wall a costume is, the funnier and more imaginative it is. Have fun with this great party theme…you have so much material in the four books and the movie to use.

Bella’s Apple Party Favor Idea

You can find inexpensive Twilight bookmarks to use as party favors or give each of your party guests a red Jelly Apple, they are easy to make, and are the perfect fruit to use as a focal point of your party.

Twilight Party Decorations

If you can, get a Vampire cardboard stand up decoration of James, or Laurent or Victoria and hide it in a place where it can “startle” your guests. Some place they will go, but won’t be expecting a Nomadic, Blood Lusting Vampire to be. You can also take pictures of everyone with the vicious bloodsuckers. Twinkle lights and Twilight books are all you need to decorate. You can use black and red and white party supplies, you know plates, napkins and cups to set up a buffet table. Put some photos of the Cullen Clan around the room to give it a homey feeling…a vampire home that is. Put magazines with pictures of the movie cast around on tables for a little more mood setting.

Since it is Halloween I would also use some of the regular decorating tricks, like some spider webs, bats, witch fingers and eye ball appetizers. Of course, some Jello hands and there is always the skeleton vegetable tray with dip for some gory, but tasty treats!

Halloween and Twilight Party Game Ideas

My favorite game is Twilight trivia. Let’s see who knows more than me…I mean You…about this Vampire Romance by Stephanie Meyer. It’s fun to play and it’s also fun to make up the questions. Get your best friend, who I am sure is also a little Twilight Crazy, to help you out. You can also take those same questions and answers and turn this little trivia game into a Jeopardy game. Make sure to save the really difficult questions for the daily doubles!

Bingo, Quote the Cullen, or Name that Tune…using none other than songs from the Movie Soundtrack. I can name that tune in three notes…How about a fun game of Charades using the names of the songs from the soundtrack or the characters in the books.

Play some music and be sure to include Stephanie Meyer’s favorite group, Muse along with Paramore, Linkin Park and of course, Rob Pattinson in the mix. For you classical music lovers, there is always Debussy, one of Edward’s favorites.

Party Food Ideas

I love to have parties, but don’t want to work too hard in the kitchen…so I order a lot of pizzas…all different kinds. Be sure to include a mushroom pizza in the mix. Blood red icing on your cupcakes or making the cute, but easy to decorate, Vampire Cupcakes is always a good idea at a Vampire themed party. If you are not using the Jelly Apples for a party favor, put some out on the dessert table for those vegetarian vampires who feel like having something red to curb their blood lust. I even saw little edible cupcake images that you can have printed with the Twilight cast or just Bella and Edward. That’s a great idea, isn’t it!

Serve a blood red punch with an ice cream floater on top of it and you’ve got the perfect drink for this party. Use glow ice cubes for a freaky effect or freeze water in rubber gloves (tell everyone just in case there is a latex allergy) and let the frozen hands freak your guests out. I love to do stuff like this! It is little touches like this that your guests will remember and make your party Extra Special!

We see vampires in a new, and a less vicious light thanks to Stephanie Meyer and the Vegetarian Cullen Clan, but it is Halloween and what’s a Halloween party without at least one Count Dracula? Not everyone will come in a Cullen or Forks native costume, but it will still make for a fun party, no matter who your guests dress as.

If you own the movie DVD you can play it in the background for music and for your guests viewing pleasure. This is a great party theme no matter if it’s for a holiday, movie watching or birthday party. Everyone is sure to get into the fun games and delicious food you’ve prepared for them and make sure to tell everyone…Happy Halloween from Edward and Bella!

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