• Summer is all about drinking cool and refreshing drinks.
  • Try yummy vanilla cold coffee and cookies milkshake.
  • Here is a quick and easy recipe video for these two summer drinks.

If hot coffee and turmeric milk helps us wade through winters, it is cold coffee and milkshake that help us beat the heat in summer. Cold coffee and chocolate milkshake are unarguably the best drinks to have to cool off and lift up our senses during summer. They also work as the perfect ‘pick me up’ drinks when we are all tuckered out due to the searing climate. And, another reason we all dig these drinks is that they instantly make us feel better, and why won’t they? Chocolates, cocoa, and ice cream – we get all of these in there.

This recipe video shows how to make these drool-worthy summer drinks in few quick and easy steps. 

Watch recipe video: How to make cold coffee and cookies milkshake: 

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To make cookies and ice cream milkshake, just combine cookies, milk, vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, and blend. Top it with chocolate chips and slurp away.

To make vanilla cold coffee – blend together coffee powder, cocoa powder, sugar, milk and vanilla ice cream. That’s it!

The addition of ice creams in both the recipes makes them apt for summers when we want to indulge ourselves without having too-heavy foods. You can have these cooling chocolate drinks at any time of the day to recharge yourself and curb untimely hunger or thirst. The recipe video from NDTV Food YouTube channel will help you churn them out easily in no time. Just make sure you have all the ingredients ready.

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