• Bread garden art has caught the fancy of many bakers across the globe.
  • Focaccia bread is decorated with colouful veggies to create a landscape.
  • This baking trend is the latest sensation on TikTok and Instagram.

The art of baking has taken a whole new dimension. It started from people in quarantine baking their own breads to experimenting with banana bread, and then getting more creative to make frog bread. The hidden creativity of seasoned and budding bakers hit the fans (thanks to social media) and created a string of viral food trends for us to try at home. If you are following these trends religiously, the latest trend to hit your Instagram stories and search grids of TikTok must be of beautiful bread art. If you missed it, here’s everything you need to know about this new lockdown baking fad.

Bread garden – the art of making beautiful breadscapes is stirring up a storm in the baking world, where your bread loaf is the canvas, your fingers are the brush, and food is the paint.

Sourdough bread or focaccia bread is baked and used as a base for decoration with various vegetables. Fruits, herbs and spices are tactfully carved on the bread to represent a garden landscape, and baked again. The bread is 100 percent edible but we are not sure if the bakers are able to bring themselves to eat such masterpieces.

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Instagram user @vineyardbaker even created a series of focaccia gardens inspired by the famous painter Vincent van Gogh, and titled her breads as ‘Van Dough’. This led many other followers making their own versions of ‘Van Dough’ pieces of art, which soon became viral in the food community.

Green chilli, thyme, coriander are used to make stems; spinach, parsley make for the perfect leaves; and foods like olives, sun-dried tomatoes and onions rings can be transformed into colourful flowers. We even noticed some bakers using mushrooms and grated carrots to take place of shrubs/plants, and grated cheese being thrown in to show sand and dust, to round off the garden landscape.


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After looking at these real life-like bread gardens, we are tempted to try and bake these breads at home. Are you also willing to give it a try?

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