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Viral Now: Here's Why Bodybuilders Are Delivering Sushi For A Japanese Restaurant

A Japanese restaurant aimed to do things differently by using bodybuilders as delivery people.


  • A Sushi restaurant in Central Japan is trying to attract customers
  • They have hired bodybuilders to deliver Sushi to people’s homes
  • The interesting idea has gone viral on social media

Coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected businesses all over the world. Among the most hard-hit sectors is the restaurant and dining industry, which are now looking for new and innovative ways to reach customers. Eateries are taking the relevant precautions and measures for a safe dining experience. Home delivery has become an increasingly common practice to drive the restaurant business these days. A Sushi restaurant in Central Japan decided to do things differently by hiring bodybuilders to deliver food to customers.

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The service by Imazushi restaurant is locally called “Delivery Macho”. The idea was the brainchild of the restaurant’s 41-year owner Masanori Sugiura, who is into bodybuilding competitively. Sugiura also got his bodybuilding friends to join the restaurant’s delivery staff to help make the business robust and gain productive employment.

The only condition that the restaurant has is that customers need to order food of a minimum amount of 7,000 Yen or $66 to avail this offer. The purpose of the plan was to give customers an incentive to order from the restaurant which would give a competitive edge in the times of the pandemic. The restaurant’s innovative idea became an internet sensation and went viral on Twitter. Imazushi receives up to 10 orders a day and monthly earnings of about 1.5 million yen.

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