• Onion chopping can be quite an arduous task for many chefs
  • This TikTok user came up with an interesting hack to chop them
  • She also had a suggestion for how to avoid tears while chopping them

Onions are integral to Indian cooking, as they are used in multiple preparations from the simplest of appetisers to the most complex of gravies and curries. They may be used whole in some recipes, but when they are required to be cut, it can be quite a daunting task. People end up in tears in the process of chopping or dicing onions. Further, the nature of the vegetable is such that it requires precision and a lot of care. All this can take up a lot of valuable cooking preparation time.

Jaycee Baso, a home-chef based in Sydney, Australia came up with an interesting hack to chop onions quickly and with minimal effort. She shared the video on the popular app, and the video soon struck a chord with many thousands of home-chefs across the globe. Take a look at the viral video:


Here’s a lil hack for dicing an onion super quickly ???????? (If you haven’t seen it already)

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The technique that Jaycee used in the video was not just quick, but also quite efficient in terms of using up the maximum portion of the onion. It was only a matter of seconds before she chopped the entire onion into small pieces making it ideal for cooking. The pieces too were evenly sized and maximum of the onion was used up with very little waste generated in the entire process.

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The hack involved cutting off the root’s top and then slicing the onion from stem to root, keeping the inner portion of the root intact. The onion was then peeled and its skin removed, followed by cutting it into half. Jaycee then took one half of the onion and kept it face down on the chopping board. She then proceeded to slice it across horizontally once from a centimetre above the base, and then made vertical incisions from the top without going down all the way. The onion was then chopped horizontally to give perfectly diced, sliced onions within seconds.

Further, Jaycee Baso had a tip for people whose eyes water up during the process of cutting onions. She suggested keeping onions in the fridge for a while before chopping them up. This would reduce their pungent smell and thus prevent the eyes from producing tears during the process of chopping.

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