Watch: Craving Delicious, Off-Beat Snack? Try These Fried Stuffed Paneer Biscuits

This paneer snack is sure to wow everyone


  • Paneer is also known as cottage cheese
  • Paneer is super versatile
  • Paneer can be used to make range of snacks

Can you count all those times you turned your gaze toward that cube of paneer in your fridge and took a sigh of relief. In addition to a slew of traditional dishes, paneer is also used to make many experimental delicacies. The reason is simple, paneer is popular among both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, and there’s only so much room for failure when you are dealing with paneer. In fact, there are times we have used paneer to salvage many cooking disasters.

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If you are done frying paneer pakodas and bored of eating paneer bhurji paratha, we have an off-beat snack that is sure to be of your interest. These paneer biscuits recipe by Mumbai-based blogger Alpa is a stellar starter recipe that is bound to make everyone drool (and get up for a second helping). The recipe video was posted on the YouTube channel, ‘Something’s Cooking With Alpa’.

Watch: Fried Stuffed Paneer Biscuits Recipe:

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For this recipe, you would need some salted crackers or biscuits. Then you would need to make a mix of grated paneer, grated cheese (optional), fresh coriander leaves, boiled corns, capsicum, onion and schezwan sauce. Take  the biscuit and put some paneer mixture, then put another biscuit on top. Keep it aside. Make a slurry of maida and water. Dip the biscuit sandwiches in a slurry and then coat it in some bread crumbs. Freeze them for 15 minutes and deep-fry! Your crispy and yummy paneer biscuits are ready!

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