Watch: How To Make Fruits And Vegetables Last Longer And Reduce Kitchen Waste

Ingredients in the kitchen can be preserved for longer.


  • Fruits and vegetables can last longer with these simple kitchen tips
  • These kitchen hacks work on vegetables such as lettuce, tomato, potato
  • Include them in your daily kitchen routine for best results

An ideal kitchen is one, which makes the best usage of available ingredients. The right way towards building an environment-friendly kitchen is to make it sustainable, which involves maximising utility and minimising waste. The struggle to maintain a kitchen that does not generate too much waste is quite real, since there is always something or the other that goes waste and needs to be thrown away. Whether it is overripe bananas, or spoilt tomatoes – discarding fresh fruits and vegetables is sadly a common practice.

The best way is to devise techniques that will make the existing kitchen produce last longer so that it can be used for a larger time period without having to worry about it going waste. This can easily be done with a number of hacks that help maintain the freshness of existing produce in the kitchen. The produce is perishable in nature, which means it must be used as soon as possible. But with these kitchen secrets and tips, there is no need to fret about fruits and vegetables not being used.

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jvggn0gFruits and veggies can easily be preserved using these simple kitchen hacks. 

Here Are Some Kitchen Hacks To Make Fruits And Vegetables Last Longer:

  1. Lettuce – Wash lettuce in a mixture of water and vinegar in the ratio 10:1 for retaining maximum freshness. Dry it with the help of a paper towel and store it in a plastic bag for best results.
  2. Potato – The way to keep potatoes fresh is to store them with apples. This will keep them from sprouting.
  3. Mushrooms – Simply store them in a brown paper bag.
  4. Tomatoes – They should be stored with their stem down to make them long lasting
  5. Lemons – Always store lemons in a plastic bag and refrigerate them in order to keep them fresh at all times
  6. Bananas – In order to keep bananas from being ripened, simply wrap the banana stem in cling film.

Thus, with these quick hacks, fruits and vegetables stay in use without losing their original texture and flavour. The existing produce that is in your kitchen can last much longer than normal with their freshness intact.

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