Raise your hand if you are someone who has mastered the art of cooking during this stay-at-home phase! There’s no doubt that cooking has been one of the major motivations among all during the nationwide lockdown amid Coronavirus threats. If you look around or scroll down your social media handles, you will find people experimenting with lots of dishes in their kitchen – from the simplest one to the most exotic ones. From making pizza from the scratch to baking bread, there’s hardly anything left for people to try hands on.

If you too are thinking to make something interesting yet easy, here is the recipe of the famous candy confection of America- peanut butter cup, just like the popular Reese’s peanut butter cups. This popular American candy is easily available in several super-markets in India.

These store-like peanut butter cups can easily be made at home and that too in just five simple ingredients! All you need for the recipe are graham crackers, chocolate chips, powdered sugar, butter and most importantly peanut butter. However, in the video, the candy is made in a bigger mould, which makes it look like a lip-smacking pie.

Next time, if you feel like baking something sinful and chocolate-y treat for yourself, try these delicious peanut butter cups or their bigger version (peanut butter pie) at home. Happy baking!

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