• Vitamin D is also known as sunshine vitamin
  • Vitamin D is good for bones
  • Fish is a good source of vitamin D

Vitamin D, also known as the ‘sunshine vitamin, is one of the most crucial vitamins required by our body. It helps absorption of calcium, which further helps strengthen bones and teeth. It also plays key role in regulating mood and supporting healthy immune and nervous system. Vitamin D deficiency could also lead to fatigue, pain in muscles and even depression, according to various studies. Have you wondered why the vitamin is called the ‘sunshine’ vitamin? This is because basking in the sun is the best way to procure Vitamin D, but since most of us our working from home during lockdown, with minimal exposure to sun- are we putting our health at stake in a way?

People are not getting enough of the vital nutrient because of the lockdown; therefore, perhaps you would have to turn to trusted supplements to make sure your Vitamin D intake is not restricted. If you are continuing your workout regime at home, then you should also take extra care so that you do not end up harming your body with all the strain on muscles. Vitamin D plays a significant role in building muscle and help facilitate strength training. But make sure you do not take too many supplements, and overdose could prove to be detrimental for your health, and no expert would ever recommend the same.

The vitamin can also be found in certain foods like salmon, sardines, fortified dairy products and juices, egg yolks and certain cereals.

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