• Leafy green vegetables are the first choice to make salads.
  • Greens are also excellent for weight loss diet.
  • Here are the best greens you can add to your diet.

As the nation gradually traverses into ‘unlock’ phase, we are doing the same with our life. After literally bingeing on indulgent foods during lockdown, we now want to get back to a healthier routine with a healthy diet. One of the few meals that must be included in our weight loss diet is salad, which is brimming with all those nutritious fresh greens. If you are determined to eat judiciously now, stock your pantry with these mouth-watering green vegetables for salads or use them to make other meals of your choice.

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6 Delicious And Healthy Salad Greens For Your Weight Loss Diet:

1. Watercress is a highly nutritious leafy green, which is rich in vitamin K and other minerals. It tastes great as a salad or as a garnish for other meals like pasta.

2. Spinach is a versatile food with infinite uses. It is the best vegetable to make your salads with, when mixed with other ingredients. You can also use spinach to other healthy dishes like sandwiches, omelettes and Indian sabzis like palak paneer.

3. Romaine, also known as ‘sandwich green’, is rich in calcium, potassium and other vitamins. Make ceaser salad, burgers or sandwiches with it.

4. Kale has gained a lot of popularity in the past recent years for its exceptional nutritional value. It can be added to blended dips or turned into crispy chips.

5. Iceberg lettuce contains high water content, making it an excellent food for weight loss. Make lettuce cups snack or just shred it to make your salad.

6. Leaf lettuce is super soft and tasty. Some people say it tastes like butter, which makes it a good option for salads, burger, wraps and rolls.

Add these healthy green vegetables to your grocery shopping list now!

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