Lauki (or bottle gourd) has a mixed fan base across the country. While some find it bland and boring, others love it for the refreshing flavour. You like it or not, lauki holds a firm place in every Indian kitchen due to its innumerable benefits. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that lauki is one of the healthiest vegetables in the lot. It has high water content (about 92 percent) and is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fibres. It is also dubbed to be ideal for promoting smooth digestion and a better heart-health (by lowering the bad cholesterol levels).

Lauki (Or Bottle Gourd) For Weight Loss:

Apart from these, bottle gourd is low in calorie and does wonders for the ones aiming to shed some extra kilos. As per the USDA, 100 grams lauki include just about 15 calories. It also contains negligible amount of fat and carbs. Hence, nutritional experts often recommend this vegetable in our weight loss diet plan.

We bring you a simple and quick lauki soup recipe that has a flavourful twist of desi tadka in it. Alongside lauki, this soup also includes the goodness of tomato and capsicum – both of which are touted to be ideal for losing weight.

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m22tbeiBottle gourd is low in calorie and includes negligible amount of saturated fats 

How To Make Desi-Style Lauki Soup | Desi-Style Bottle Gourd Soup Recipe:


1.5 cup bottle gourd (cut into pieces)

2 tomatoes (cut into two halves)

1-2 onion (cut into two halves)

1 capsicum (cut into two halves)

1 teaspoon olive oil/veg oil

1 teaspoon cumin seeds

Pink salt as per taste

1 teaspoon (or more) black pepper powder


Step 1. Pressure-cook bottle gourd, onion, tomato and capsicum. Wait till 1-2 whistles.

Step 2. Release the pressure and put all these boiled vegetables in a blender and prepare a smooth and creamy paste.

Step 3. Pour olive oil/veg oil in a pan and add cumin seeds for temper (tadka). The ones, who are allowed to have butter, can replace oil with 1 teaspoon butter.

Step 4. Add the lauki paste to the pan and cook everything together for one to two minutes.

Step 5. Serve it hot with some salt and black pepper sprinkled on it.

Pro-Tip: This desi-style lauki soup makes a complete meal when paired with a bread toast and some green salad.

Prepare it at home and let us know how you like it in the comment section below. Eat healthy, stay happy!

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