• Spaghetti is a delicious pasta which has a noodle-like shape
  • This recipe is a wonderful way to pair it with refreshing basil leaves
  • Here’s an easy recipe video of spaghetti with pesto sauce

Among all the different cuisines that the world has to offer, one of the global favourites is Italian cuisine. Scores of Indians throng famous Italian bistros across the country, due to the flavours and textures ringing close to home. Readymade pasta is one of the hottest selling grocery items, and it is no longer a novelty to recreate a fancy Italian pasta at home. Spaghetti is one pasta shape which has a noodle-like shape but is slightly on the thicker side. Fresh pesto sauce combined with spaghetti pasta can truly be a match made in heaven!

Pesto sauce is a fantastically refreshing condiment that pairs well with all kinds of pasta. With basil as the primary ingredient, pesto also requires parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil and pine nuts. You can also substitute with walnuts or peanuts in the recipe. The delightful pesto sauce simply grinds all these ingredients to a smooth paste, which can then be directly combined with the pasta of choice.

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p0vb6en8Pesto sauce can be used in sandwiches, pastas and pizzas too.  

An important thing to note in this recipe is that the Spaghetti must be cooked Al Dente, for which a pinch of salt and some olive oil can also be used. This means that it is essential to ensure spaghetti does not over boil or become mushy. Further, while making the pesto sauce, always ensure that the olive oil is added in small quantities to get the right consistency.

With all these cooking tips and this wonderfully easy recipe, you will be assured of a great tasting, restaurant-style pasta always. So try this amazing dish today! Head to the top of this article for the full recipe video, or else, click here for the full recipe video and here for the recipe text.

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