Try these easy parwal recipes at home.


  • Parwal or pointed gourd is a nutritious vegetable.
  • It has a mild flavour and can be turned into interesting dishes.
  • Here are 3 different parwal recipes you can try at home.

Parwal makes it to the vegetable markets all year round but hardly ends up in our grocery shopping bags. Sadly, parwal (or pointed gourd) is one of the lesser-known Indian vegetables but it actually tastes good and is quite nutritious too. So, today, we decided to give parwal its fair due. Parwal is rich in various vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and is said to be good for digestion and weight loss too – mainly because it is low in calorie content. Let us also mention here, that in contrary to the common notion, parwal can actually make a tasty addition to your meal. We feel, you must give this vegetable a chance to surprise you and impress you.

Parwal has a very mild flavour and soft flesh, which can easily absorb the flavours of other ingredients and spices it is cooked with. With the right recipes in your hand, you can convert this vegetable into some delicious meals. To help you out, we are sharing three different parwal recipes you can start with.

3 Easy Parwal Recipes You Can Try At Home –

1. Parwal Aloo

Add aloo to anything and it will definitely taste better. While there are scores of aloo-packed recipes in your everyday menu, add this one too. Parwal and potatoes make a great combination and when cooked with a range of spices, make for a great Indian sabzi.

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2. Stuffed Parwal

If you cannot bring yourself to have a simple sabzi with parwal, try stuffing them. Just like you make stuffed bhindi or stuffed karela, make stuffed parwal by filling it with a mixture of potatoes and roasted coconut along with a masala powder of various spices like coriander seeds, fennel seeds, amchur powder and Kashmiri red chilli.

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Make stuffed parwal for a flavourful meal.

3. Potoler Dorma

If you still need something more exciting to motivate you to make parwal, this recipe is just perfect. Potoler Dorma is an exquisite Bengali dish that goes well with roti or rice. This parwal curry is made by stuffing boiled parwal with a mixture of crumbled paneer, dry fruits, sugar and salt, and then deep frying it. These fried stuffed parwals are doused in a rich gravy of onion, tomato and spices, which also adds cashew paste for a wave of creaminess.

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Bengali-style parwal is a great meal.

Give these parwal recipes a try and you won’t be disappointed. Also, if you know of more such interesting parwal recipes, do share with us in the comments section below.

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