These diet tips will help restore your eating habits to normal.


  • Snacking has become a common occurrence during lockdown days
  • As we resume work, it is important to regain control of our diet
  • Here are some easy tips to get you back on track

Whether we like it or not, the elongated period of staying at home has had unprecedented changes on our diet. Some people have started becoming more diet-conscious while at home, avoiding heavy food that could impact health severely at times. Other people are guilty of overindulgence – reaching out for a snack more frequently. Lockdown has meant irregular schedules and changes in working routine too. As countries begin to open up restrictions, it’s important to find ways to restore rhythm into our regular working lives and our diets too.

Here Are 4 Simple Ways To Restore Healthy Eating Habits Post Lockdown:

1. Adopt Simplicity

While we were at home, we experimented with new and innovative recipes that we had never tried before. But once lockdown ends, it means getting back to the rigours of life like before. Your motto during this time should be, “Not every meal has to be an event”. Keep it simple and make easy recipes for at least some meals to save time on preparation as you resume work.

2. Switch Your Meals Around

Sometimes we don’t feel like eating an entire meal, as a drink or a heavy snack often suffices and satiates our appetite. It can be a good idea to practice intermittent fasting by skipping first or last meal of the day. But it is always good to consult a dietitian or nutritionist before making the switch.

rqgrplbWhip up simple meals at home or at work.  

3. Get Creative With Leftovers

It’s not necessary to cook every meal from scratch. Leftovers can be creatively used to make a brand new dish altogether. Another idea could be to cook a bit extra during one meal and save time by reusing leftover preparations in the next one.

4. Be Daring

When it comes to easy recipes for working people, there are a plethora of options that can be found. There’s no time like now to try out some new recipes, if you find your old ones tedious or time-consuming. It is the way the food is cooked and how it tastes that makes a difference to our habits!

noc29iooTry and include veggies and fruits in your recipes. 

The idea is to resume working life with as much rigour and gusto as possible. We need not make drastic shifts to our eating practices in these trying times. However, it is essential to practice good dietary practices to maintain our health. Eating a balanced diet and generous amounts of fruits and vegetables is a must irrespective of lockdown being present. These are basic diet tips that will go a long way in keeping the body fit and fine, at all times.

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