Sambar is one of the most common south Indian foods.


  • Sambar is comfort food that none of us can resist
  • One of the most popular south Indian delights, sambar has many varieties
  • Here is how you can make sambar under 30 minutes at home

Let’s just agree that a piping hot plate of sambar is truly a delight. Fluffy idlis or stuffed dosa or a delicious breakfast of uttapam, sambar is an essential accompaniment with all these delicious south Indian treats! A staple vegetable stew from down south, Sambar is light on the stomach, easy to digest and comes with a whole lot of health benefits. No wonder it has a loyal fan base not just in India but across the world.

The classic sambar is a heart-warming blend of pulses, veggies and spices, but with its rising popularity, we have witnessed a variety of sambars that have been ruling the palates of many of its fans all around the globe. In fact, if you go to south India, you can find numerous such varieties just from moving one region to another. The difference lies in the regional homemade spices, cooking techniques, use of coconut, buttermilk and so on. Even though one can find readymade sambar powder in the market to easily make sambar, the joy of making it at home from scratch is unmatched. And well, that is also a task many find to be a tough one. But here we are at your rescue with an easy, quick sambar recipe that you can try at home, in a microwave!

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Microwave Sambar Recipe:

In the recipe of microwave sambar, onion and salt are added to soaked arhar dal, and cooked in microwave for 5 minutes. It is then stirred and cooked again till about 70% for 10 minutes. The dal is then mashed till pulpy, blended and combined with sugar and sambar masala. The addition of spices such as mustard seeds, curry leaves and red chillies along with tamarind makes it a tantalising affair. Your piping hot sambar will be ready in less than 30 minutes!

Find the full recipe of microwave sambar here.

You can serve this with plain rice, scrumptious idli or dosas at home!

Try this recipe at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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