Fruits have always been associated with healthy diet regime since ages. They are considered super foods for being power-packed with almost every essential nutrient. The United States Department of Agriculture advises to make up almost half plate of a meal with fruits and vegetables. Fruits are a rich source of antioxidants, fibre, vitamins and minerals, which boost our immunity, energy, lower heart-related risks, obesity and promote overall health. Fruits also keep us full for longer time, accelerating weight loss and metabolism.

Did you know that there are a few fruits that are unexpectedly high in sugar content? Fruits contain natural sugar, which are any day better than the added sugar in sodas, candies and other junk foods. But fruits like mangoes, lychees, bananas, passion fruit, cherries and oranges have sugar-content more than the others (fruits). According to experts, sugar content is something we must always keep in mind while having the fruits.

Let’s find out the sugar content in these fruits (as per the USDA):

Hundred grams of:

  • Mangoes contain 14gm sugar
  • Lychees contain 15gm sugar
  • Bananas contain 12gm sugar
  • Passion fruit contain 11gm sugar
  • Cherries contain 8gm sugar
  • Oranges contain 9gm sugar

However, nutrition experts advise, instead of cutting down on fruits, one should consume these sugar-rich fruits in moderation. They also suggest, consumption of fresh fruits is better than having their dried or frozen counter parts as the latter may contain more sugar.

Hence, chose your fruit wisely and enjoy its benefits to the fullest!

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