• Bread and milk is the most common quick breakfast meal.
  • The same combo can be used to make other interesting recipes.
  • Here are some quick and easy breakfast recipes with bread and milk.

Both bread and milk are breakfast staples. We have always turned to a glass of milk or a bread toast or both combined together to rustle up a quick meal for all those rushed mornings. Even though, a plain toast served with milk doesn’t really do anything for our taste buds, but is the most reliable combo there is when we just don’t have enough time to cook an expansive spread. Why not stir things up a bit and use this ever-green combo to churn out better and more appetising meals?

While milk gives us enough protein and calcium to kick-start our day, bread helps fill our tummy with all its fibre and carbs content. Use the same pairing of bread and milk to make some interesting yet easy breakfast recipes to turn your morning meals better and worth waking up to.

1. Bread Cereal

Instead of toasting crisp bread and washing it down with milk, tear off the bread into small pieces and dunk them in a bowl of milk. Let the bread chunks soak in the milk for a bit and turn soft and squidgy. Add sugar, honey, dry fruits, fruits – whatever you want to perk up the breakfast bowl.

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Bread in milk makes for a quick breakfast meal.

2. French Toast

All these years, rather decades, and the classic French toast has still not lost its charm. And, why should it when it’s so easy to make and tastes great. All you have to do is dip bread slices in a batter of milk, egg, sugar, butter and vanilla essence (optional), and toast in a pan, and eat.

3. Bread Malai Sandwich

Scoop out malai from the top layer of boiled milk, add some sugar to it and stuff it inside raw or toasted bread slices. There’s no way the kids won’t love this sweet and simple meal.

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Use malai (milk fat) as a filling for bread. 

4. Baked Bread And Milk Cake

Cake in the morning? Why not? Well, this is a savoury cake so it won’t be such a problem. Tear bread into small pieces and douse them in a mixture of milk, eggs, grated cheese, oregano and chilli flakes. Just leave this batter in the oven for 15-20 mins to get a cheesy and tasty breakfast cake.

5. Milk Toast

Bored of eating plain butter toast every day? Dip your bread slice in milk before toasting it with butter. The different flavours of creamy milk and salty butter will light up your mouth the instant you’ll bite into it.

Experiment with your favourite foods of bread and milk and make your breakfast more fun and delicious.

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