• Tomatoes are a versatile kitchen ingredients
  • Tomatoes have a delightful tangy taste
  • Tomatoes can help uplift flavour of almost any dish

Red, juicy and plump, tomatoes are an intrinsic part of our daily preparations. Be it soup, stews or chutney, a tinge of tomato can improve just about anything and add an inherent richness to the dish. It has become such a mainstay in our kitchen, that it is hard to imagine that they are not even a native of India. According to legends, it was brought to us by Portuguese and cultivated in huge numbers by the British. And now, we cannot think of any regional cuisine that is untouched by its presence. Tomatoes are either blanched or chopped or pureed to make a bunch of our desi delicacies and some of our curries best exhibit our sheer love for the tangy fruit. 

Here are 5 tomato-based Indian curries that are bound to impress, if you too love tomatoes as much as us.

1. Tamatar Ki Launji

Hot, peppery and tangy. The effervescent recipe made with goodness of desi ghee, tomatoes, green chillies, red chilly powder, sugar, cumin seeds and sendha namak is a vrat favourite but we can honestly have it anytime of the day. Pair this simple and exquisite recipe with roti or rice.

2. Tomato Chaman

Tomato or Tamatar Chaman is a Kashmiri delicacy that juxtaposes two of our most favourite ingredients paneer and tomato. Tomato chaman is not only super quick to prepare and is also quite hassle-free. Ideal for days you are pressed for time, but not willing to compromise on a good dinner.

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3. Tamatar Kadhi

The Sindhi marvel has found fans across the country for its rich and vibrant colour and tempting flavour. Loaded with goodness of finely chopped tomatoes, green chillies, cumin seeds, mustard seeds and assorted vegetables like cauliflower, carrot, beans, okra- this rich stew is bets enjoyed with rice.

4. Tomato Curry

Thick, toothsome and luscious, this tomato curry made with the goodness of moong dal paste, tomato puree, besan and select spices is ideal for a wholesome dinner. The curry also has goodness of potatoes and lauki. Feeding bottle gourd to your kids just got a whole lot easier!


5. Tomato Chicken

The lip-smacking combination of tomatoes and juicy chicken makes for a treat to remember. Pair it with naan , roti or rice.

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