• Sattu ka sharbat is easy to make and can be a quick breakfast option
  • Sattu is known to be a high source of protein
  • Sattu ka sharbat is stated to have high amount natural fibre

Have you ever tried ‘sattu ka sharbat’, which the street-side vendors sell during the scorching summer days? Trust us, the cooler is not only soul-soothing, but also is appetising! ‘Sattu ka sharbat’ is no stranger to the locals of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, West Bengal and Madhya Pradesh. It is a traditional summer drink that is made with sattu (an indigenous source of protein in India), lemon, coriander and some Indian spices. For the unversed, sattu is a flour-like ingredient made of roasted chana (with or without the husk). It is also used to make various types of dishes like parathas, curries, the very famous litti of Bihar and more. However, the sharbat stands as the most common and comforting food item made of sattu.

‘Sattu ka sharbat’ is easy to make and can be a quick breakfast option during the summer mornings. Keeping this mind, here we bring you a ‘sattu ka sharbat’ pre-mix recipe that will make your job even easier in between the morning rush. Alongside, this drink has several health benefits too.

Health Benefits of ‘Sattu Ka Sharbat’:

Sattu is known to be a high source of protein, which may provide an instant energy boost to the body and may also promote weight loss. It is also touted that sattu has some cooling properties; hence, people consume ‘sattu ka sharbat’ to keep themselves hydrated during the summer season. On that note, hydration may also help to restore the natural glow of skin. ‘Sattu ka sharbat’ is stated to have high amount natural fibre, which may promote good digestion and overall gut-health.

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Here Is The Recipe Of ‘Sattu Ka Sharbat’ Pre-Mix:


Roasted chana: 1 cup

Ginger powder- 1 tablespoon

Roasted cumin powder- 1 tablespoon

Roasted dry red chilli powder- half to one teaspoon

Black Salt- as per taste

Dried mint leaves- half cup (crushed)

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Step 1- Grind the roasted chana (with or without the husk) to make sattu. You can also buy any sattu packet, which is easily available in any grocery store.

Step 2- Mix all the ingredients well with the sattu. Make sure the mix is dry. There should not even a drop of water in the mix.

Step 3- Store it in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dry place (not refrigerator).

How To Make Sattu Ka Sharbat:

Step 1- Take two tablespoon of the mix in a tall glass.

Step 2- Add water, lemon juice, sugar or jaggery powder and mix.

Step 3- Garnish with some freshly chopped coriander leaves and relish!

This summer, include ‘sattu ka sharbat’ in your breakfast diet and kick-start you day with loads of energy!

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