Rava is also known as sooji in some parts of the country

While we agree that there’s only so much you can do within lockdown, but one of the places you can really start investing more time is your kitchen. Now, that you cannot go to your favourite restaurant or dessert parlours, you would have to create some magic on your own. And guess what? Cooking may not always be that exhaustive a drill after all. You can start with some quick recipes; for instance, if you are craving something sweet- you could start with ladoos. And we have an ideal recipe you could try at home.

This wholesome rava ladoo recipe by vlogger Parul could be made in just under 10 minutes that too without chashni, a liquid syrup made with sugar and water.

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Rava is also known as sooji in some parts of the country and is used in a gamut of Indian preparations be it sweet or savoury. In this recipe posted on the YouTube channel ‘Cook With Parul’, she has used sooji, ghee, sugar and dry fruits like pista, almonds, cashews and raisins. Make sure you roast rava on low flame until they get a nice colour but do not get too dark. Do keep stirring the rava consistently as you roast it, and add sugar only towards the end. This recipe also uses desiccated coconut, but if you do not have a coconut at your place, you can rule this ingredient out.

Watch: How To Make Sooji Or Rava Ladoo In 10 Minutes Without Chashni

Try this recipe at home and let us know how you liked it.

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