There’s no denying the fact that dried fruits and nuts are a great ingredient to keep handy in your kitchen pantry. They are versatile and can be used to give any dish a rich and delicious makeover. Almonds, pistachios, raisins etc also have a wide array of usages in the world of gastronomy – one of those being inclusion in the sweet delicacies. These ingredients make the perfect throw-in for almost every dessert recipe. They not only add crunch, texture and flavour to the dish, but also make the latter nutrient-rich instantly. Hence, we bring a list of dried fruits and nuts that you may consider keeping in stock, for whenever you need them. Read on.

Here’re 4 Dried Fruits And Nuts Options For You:

1. Dried Blueberry

Delight Nuts Dried Blueberries

We all love blueberry cakes and ice-creams. Considered to be a nutrient-packed super food, blueberry has garnered a huge share of fan following due to its rich colour, tangy-sweet taste and various mouth-watering culinary benefits. Here’s a packet of dried blueberries by Delight Nuts that can help you whip up yummy desserts whenever you want.


2. Almonds

Natureland Organics Almonds

From halwa to laddoo, almost every sweet dish needs a handful of almonds to make it flavourful. Hence, we all prefer keeping a stash of this commonly consumed nut in our kitchen. Keeping this in mind, we found this option by Natureland Organics, which comes in a combo pack of almonds and walnuts and can be a value-for-money buy for you.

3. Raisins

Vedaka Amazon Brand Popular Raisins

There’s something about these raisins, which make these tiny delights so addictive! They are a storehouse of natural sugar and often considered a popular and healthy alternative of sugar to please our sweet tooth. We handpicked this packet of raisins by Amazon exclusive brand Vedaka, which can be used in various desserts like halwa, or barfi.


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4. Cashew Nut

Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews

Let’s admit it- raisins and cashews complement each other in any dessert recipe. While raisins add sweetness to a dish, cashews make them rich and flavourful. You may hence consider keeping a packet of Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews in your pantry to add a nutty twist to your regular dessert.


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