Which is the best mango variety of India? Here’s what Twitterati thought.


  • India is home to many mango varieties in various states of the country
  • A Twitter debate began asking which variety of mango is the best
  • Verified Twitter users joined in the discussion on the platform

Summers are synonymous with refreshing fruits such as watermelon and mango, which come in abundance during this season. India is home to many varieties of the mango, from Bihar’s Chausa to Karnataka’s Totapuri. There are die-hard fans of each variety of mango from different states of India. A recent post by a Twitter user about these many different kinds of mangoes from various Indian states started a raging debate on the micro-blogging website. The discussion saw participation from all over the country with fans sharing which mango variety they like best. Take a look at the tweet which started it:

The tweet by the verified user @pythoroshan was an infographic on the various different kinds of mango varieties found in Indian states. There were 12 varieties displayed on the graphic, with a pictorial depiction of each variety. The user asked for recommendations on which mango he should try, and that led to Twitterati rigorously defending their favourite mango varieties. Some sweared by Maharashtra’s Alphonso, while others took their pick from Dashehri or Langda of Uttar Pradesh. Verified Twitter users joined in the discussion, and the phrases ‘Alphonso’, ‘Mango’ and ‘Langda’ soon became some of the top trends on Indian Twitter. Take a look at some of the top tweets:

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Some users said that the Alphonso was a feast fit for royalty, while others highly questioned the argument saying it was overrated. The ‘Mango War’ is still ongoing on Twitter with more and more users pouring in their responses. Just like the Biryani debate that had happened on Twitter a few months ago, there is no sign of the argument ending any time soon.

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