• Protein helps keep you satiated
  • Protein is also called the building block of life
  • Eggs are a good source of protein

Each time we mess up our omelette, our go-to fix is to make an anda bhurji out of the broken omelette. And we are most certain of the results too. Such is the thing about bhurji; it almost, always turns out right and does not take much effort either. Bhurji is basically a scrambled dish which could be made with a variety of foods. You can spruce it up the way you want (think: spices and fresh veggies), and feel like a true masterchef. We have put together a list of our most favourite bhurji recipes. Not only are they quick to put together, but also pretty healthy if made the right way (read: bare minimum use of oil).

5 Delicious Bhurji Recipes For A Quick Lunch

1. Masala Anda Bhurji

Bits of egg tossed in a pool of garlic, green chillies and a rustic mix of spices. Did you know eggs are touted to be the best sources of bio-available protein? Meaning, it is very easy for our bodies to assimilate protein from eggs. This particular recipe is a storehouse of protein; so go for it!

2. Paneer Bhurji

Another high-protein food, another stellar recipe. Paneer, also known as cottage cheese, is prepared in a myriad ways. One of the most popular paneer preparations is paneer bhurji; this fiery and eclectic rendition of the same is sure to impress.

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Paneer bhurji is one of the most popular paneer preparations

3. Soya Bhurji

 Vegans look no further, for we have a recipe that will definitely leave you drooling. Chunky soya granules mixed with a dash of hot spices. Pair with roti or rice, you can also have some chutney or pickle on the side. Soya is also an incredible source of weight-loss friendly protein.

4. Palak Bhurji

Made with goodness of fresh spinach leaves and mild seasoning; this palak bhurji is an ideal recipe to make your little fussy-eater devour the nutritious greens. It also comes with goodness of paneer.

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5. Tofu Bhurji

Grated tofu, onions, tomatoes and masalas, is there anything about the recipe that does not work? We doubt. This recipe is an absolute winner and super quick to rustle up too. You can have it for mains, for use it as a sandwich or snack filling.

So what are you waiting for? Don you aprons and get started. Do tell us which recipe you liked the best in the comments below!

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