• Milk and dairy foods are essential for bone and muscle growth.
  • But dairy products might not be able to prevent bone loss in future.
  • Here are some dietary tips for strong bones and joints.

We have grown up being coerced into drinking milk every day. Why? Because milk contains calcium, proteins and other vital nutrients, which facilitate bone and muscle growth. But, if you thought that all that copious amount of milk you drank all your life will help you evade bone loss and related problems in older age, you might be wrong. Although, milk and dairy products greatly help develop our bones and muscles, and also maintain their strength, they alone may not prevent bone diseases entirely. A team of US-based researchers has come out with this startling revelation.

Milk, curd, buttermilk and all dairy products are good for us and important for the body in our growing up years. However, drinking milk alone doesn’t secure us from developing osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures while entering menopause, and other issues related to weakening of bones that come along as we age. So, what should you really do to prevent bone loss? Here are some dietary tips that you should follow along with having that glass of milk every day.

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Dietary Tips To Prevent Age-Related Bone Loss –

1. Switching to the Mediterranean diet may be a good idea. This diet is replete with green vegetables, fruits like berries, whole grains, meats, eggs and dairy, meats and seafood. All these foods may help maintain good bone and muscle strength.

2. Stay active! Regular exercise, walking, light jogging, yoga etc. will contribute in strengthening bones and also maintaining it.

3. Keep drinking milk and consume lots of dairy products as this food group will always remain a significant part of a healthy diet.

Stay healthy and remain strong and defy the impact of ageing by following a nutrient-rich diet.

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