Lemon coffee will give your day a great start.


  • If you are bored of the same old taste of coffee, try lemon coffee.
  • Coffee and lemon are both known to aid weight loss.
  • Here are different ways you can make this refreshing lemon coffee.

In the throes of Coronavirus crisis, if there’s anything that is helping us keep going, it is our favourite – coffee. Lethargy is bound to creep in when we are in our bed all the time. The frequent rounds of instant ‘pick me up’ drink is all we need to work from home and do all that ‘home ka work’. But, if you are bored of the same old taste of coffee in each cup, try lemon coffee. This all-new version of coffee will not only give you much-needed caffeine hit but may also help you prevent weight gain that you are likely to get after lazing around and munching all day.

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Coffee works as a great stimulator.  

Coffee And Lemon: A Great Combo

Coffee is known to improve digestion, which helps in breaking down of food and prevent accumulation of fat. It also contains some biologically active compounds apart from caffeine that are said to accelerate weight loss. Not just this, coffee may also break down fat cells that the body uses in the form of energy.

Lemon juice is known to stimulate metabolism rate of the body that greatly helps one shed extra kilos. It induces satiety and may also help in improving the digestive system.

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Lemons are good for digestion. 

Lemon Coffee For Weight Loss

It is best to have this drink the first thing in the morning. Remember, it is only black coffee without milk and sugar that you must make for weight loss. Pour about half teaspoon of coffee in a cup. Pour hot water over it and juice of a quarter part of lemon. Stir well and warm up for the day ahead with this warm drink.

Lemon Coffee For The Kick

If taste matters more to you, make lemon coffee just the way you would like it.

1. Make iced lemon coffee by mixing brewed coffee with crushed or cubed ice, some sugar, cold water and a dash of lime juice.

2. Blend coffee with sugar. Add soda, water, cinnamon and lime juice. Enjoy this great cocktail.

3. And, if you want something ‘boozy’, add espresso coffee shot to a glass of gin/whisky/rum, sugar, and crushed ice. Drizzle some lime juice to enjoy this caffeinated cocktail.

Make lemon coffee whichever way you like, we are sure you’ll love it. If you do, don’t forget to tell us in the comments section below.

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