Make homemade pizza without cheese from scratch.


  • Make homemade pizza from scratch without cheese.
  • Make your own pizza base and pizza sauce too.
  • Watch the recipe video to make it at home.

The topping of gobs of cheese is what attracts us all to pizza, but the very same thing also makes health conscious people stay away from pizza. There’s no doubt that cheese is what makes pizza such a delight but it also sends your weighing scale tipping to the wrong side. It’s not fair to devoid your taste buds of the awesomeness of pizza, so we’ll help you make it without cheese! No, this pizza will taste good enough, if that’s what you are wondering now.

The recipe video from YouTube channel ‘Cooking With Reshu’ gives us some really nice tips to make pizza when you are craving for it but don’t have cheese at home or you just want to avoid cheese. The video also teaches how to make pizza at home from scratch with homemade, fresh pizza base and homemade pizza sauce.

The recipe make pizza base with maida (all-purpose flour) but you can use atta (whole wheat flour) instead to make your pizza healthier. Store-like pizza sauce can be made easily at home with this recipe. To make up for the absence of cheese, white sauce is prepared with flour, butter and milk to add the much-needed creaminess to the pizza. Pick veggies of your choice for topping and you have everything you need to bake a delicious pizza at home without making any special trip to the market. And, if you don’t have oven at home, you can see how to make pizza in a normal kadhai on stove.

Watch the recipe video for no-cheese, no-oven homemade pizza –

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