Fruit juice is good or bad? Expert gives her opinion.


  • Fruit juice or whole fruit – don’t know what’s better?
  • Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar gives her suggestions.
  • Here’s what the expert had to say about drinking fruit juice.

To juice or not to juice – our mind has always battled with the dilemma of juicing fruit or eating the fruit. While fruit juice lets us consume a large amount of the nutritious fruit, eating it provides us with the fibre content. So, what should we do? Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar offers her advice. But, first she suggested how to avoid fruit wastage. Often times, we find some fruits out of the whole bunch smashed. Instead of throwing them, juice them immediately because fresh fruit will discolour within few minutes of air exposure.

Now, coming to fruit juices being a good option or not, Rujuta Diwekar strongly advises against bottled juices and packaged juices from stores and restaurants. These juices don’t go bad which means they are not good to begin with. Fresh juice, on the other hand, is a much better option, but not for people dealing with diabetes, PCOD, obesity, heart disease, etc. “It can quickly upset blood sugar regulation and deprive them of essential nutrients that would otherwise be available with proper chewing of fresh fruit/ vegetable,”Rujuta added.

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Rujuta Diwekar posted all this information on her Instagram account, which makes it clear that eating your fruits should be preferred over their juice. However, fruit juice could be a good option in some circumstances, like – 

1. When it prevents food wastage for the family.
2. When someone is having a tough time to chew.
3. When there is a general loss of appetite.

Rujuta Diwekar also shared a trivia on how the idea of juicing, pulping, squashing of fruits to make juice, jams or chutney came into being. It was all to avoid food wastage when the fruit was turning bad!

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