Here’s a quick and easy chicken malai tikka recipe you can try at home.

Think of Indian snacks and the first thing that will come to mind would be smoky, juicy tikkas! And why not, tikkas and kebabs have been an integral part of an Indian spread. So much so that one can find an eclectic amount of tikka variety across restaurants. From paneer tikkas and mushroom tikkas to mutton and chicken tikkas, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Chicken or murgh tikka is one of the most popular appetisers across restaurants and at parties. Can you even resist the aromatic, smoky flavour of the succulent chicken tikkas? We absolutely can’t! And so while the country is under a lockdown due to Coronavirus outbreak, we know how many of you would be craving their favourite restaurant-style chicken tikkas. Here we’ve got a stellar chicken tikka recipe that you can try at home. With an addition of rich and luscious cream, this murgh malai tikka is sure to satiate all your cravings!

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In this simple recipe, chicken breast pieces are marinated in a tangy mix of lemon, garlic and ginger paste along with hung curd and cream. The chicken chunks are then threaded on skewers, basted with butter and grilled to perfection until the juices run clear and chicken is cooked through. If you don’t have a tandoor, you can use a little barbecue or an oven for this recipe. In case you are using an oven, keep checking the tikkas after every 5 minutes, make sure they are a little charred but not over-cooked.

Murgh malai tikka is a great snack to prepare and bring some delicious twist to your evening snacks at home amid the lockdown. The creamy, juicy flavour of the chicken would simply immerse in your mouth. Squeeze some lemon and serve the tikkas with onion rings and mint chutney for an added tang. And since the summer season is here, this dish can be served with some raw mango bhel as well that you can prepare at home too with a few simple steps, given in the recipe.

Find the recipe of murgh malai tikka here. Try at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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