Father’s Day Recipes: Celebrate the father-child bond with these recipes.


  • Father’s Day 2020 is being celebrated on 21st June
  • Here are five recipe ideas from breakfast to dinner
  • These will pamper your daddy dearest

Father’s Day 2020 has been celebrated on the third Sunday of June, which happens to fall on 21st of June this year. The occasion is a day to celebrate the bond between father and child. Since it’s a Sunday – the day is perfect to spend quality time with your doting dad and spoil him to the maximum. And what better way to do it than to eat some delectable food? We have curated some amazing recipes for you to make, right from dawn to dusk to make your dad’s day extra-special. These recipes are simple and truly desi – and we promise your dad would love each one right from the bottom of his heart.

Here Are 5 Delicious Recipes To Pamper Your Dad From Breakfast To Dinner On Father’s Day:

1. Breakfast – Bedmi Puri with Raseele Aloo

Bedmi is a traditional breakfast eaten in North India, especially in the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh region. It takes a spin on the regular pooris by making them a tad thicker and crispier. Further, there is an addition of several unique spices that lend the preparation a unique taste. Pair it with raseele aloo and you have a winner! Find the recipehere. 

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2. Lunch – Murgh Koftey Ki Biryani

What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than with Biryani? If you’re a Biryani lover too, spoil your dad silly with this delectable Murgh Koftey ki Biryani. Minced, spiced chicken is made into delicious balls that are blanched. This is then paired with aromatic and flavourful rice with the resulting biryani tasting out of this world. Click here for the recipe. 


3. Dessert – Mango Aamrakhand

Creamy, flavourful and luscious – Aamrakhand is the mango-flavoured version of the Maharashtrian delight Shrikhand. This is probably one of the easiest Indian desserts that can be made at home, with surprisingly delicious results. Make the most of the seasonal summer fruit Mango with this wonderful recipe. Here’s the full recipe of Aamrakhand. 

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4. Snack – Baked Namak Para

Namak Para is a favourite snack which delights all age groups alike. So why not make a baked version of it at home? This baked Namak Para can be made easily and quickly in an oven. It is healthy, light and yet somehow brilliantly satisfying with every bite. Make this wholesome snack for a delicious pairing at tea-time for daddy dearest, clickhere for the full recipe. 

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5. Dinner – Instant Rava Dosa

Dinner should be light and yet tasty – and what better way to end Father’s Day celebrations with than this Instant Rava dosa? All you need for this recipe is thirty minutes of your time and some simple ingredients, which are easily available at home. This crispy and delicious preparation can then be paired with coconut chutney and some piping hot sambhar. Find the full recipe here. 

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With these five amazing meal ideas for the entire day, your Father’s Day celebrations will be memorable as well as delicious.

Happy Father’s Day 2020!

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