Many fitness enthusiasts have developed many misconceptions about mangoes.


  • Mangoes are an Indian summer staple
  • Mangoes can be used in a variety of dishes
  • Mango chutney is very easy to make at home

Come summer, and our eyes start roving for mangoes. Also, known as the king of fruits, mango is a pulpy, sweet fruit that is only available during the summer months. There are multiple variety of mangoes available throughout the season like Alphonsos, Langda, Safeda, Dussehri. Your pick may differ from ours but that is okay, for what truly unites us is our sheer love for mangoes, and making the most of it while they last.

However, off late, many fitness enthusiasts have developed many misconceptions about mangoes. They feel mangoes are weight-inducing, but many celeb nutritionists like Pooja Makhija and Rujuta Diwekar have time and again debunked these myths. Pooja told NDTV Food that it is absolutely okay to indulge in one chilled mango everyday; all we need to do is to take care about the portion we eat. One cannot over-eat and expect no repercussions. Pooja also said that eating seasonal is key for healthy weight-management and that she also enjoys a portion of mangoes everyday.

Mornings are one of our preferred times to eat mangoes. Here are some delicious ideas how you can include mango in your breakfast:

1. You can blend mango in smoothies; you can blend it simply with yogurt or throw in some of your other favourite fruits and herbs.

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2. Fan of mango chutney? Well blend one today using this simple recipe and pair it with your parathas, or use it as a spread for sandwich.


Mangoes are also called king of fruits

3. You can make a simple mango muesli parfait – just line a bowl with yogurt, then add a layer of some freshly cut mangoes, then again a layer of yogurt and finally add a layer of muesli and nuts.
4. You can enjoy some freshly cut mangoes with your pancakes as well. You can also make a sweet mango reduction and drizzle it over your pancakes.
5. Your oatmeal can also be given a sweet edge with a hint of mango and cinnamon. Here’s a wholesome recipe you have to try!


Your oatmeal can also be given a sweet edge with a hint of mango

6. Mango salads are a great way to obtain wholesome nutrition. This mango and moong dal sprout salad could help you load up on protein early in the morning.

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7. Aam chana chaat is also an eclectic and healthy way to kick-start your morning. It is yummy, high protein and light; what else do you expect from a breakfast? Here’s the recipe, try and tell us how you liked it.

These are some tips and tricks that we are sure you would like to try at home. Are there some unique ways in which you like to have mangoes? Do write to us in the comments section below!

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