Give your bowl of curd a masaledar spin with this quick and easy tadka dahi recipe.


  • Curd or dahi is one of the most popular accompaniments in an Indian meal
  • It is versatile, light and comes with multiple health benefits
  • Here is a spicy spin to your classic curd that you can try at home

What foods can one think of at the mention of summer season? Yes, ice-cold beverages, all things cool like cucumbers, melons, sorbets, ice creams and, of course, mangoes! But one food that is a must-have during the scorching heat and even goes beyond one season is – curd (or dahi in Hindi). The cooling properties of curd make it a popular addition to our lunch and dinner table regularly, especially when the temperature starts to soar. Not only is it refreshing but comes with a number of health benefits too.

Besides being rich in other nutrients like calcium, vitamin B-2, proteins, etc., curd is also acclaimed to be a prebiotic food that helps in flushing out bad bacteria and fostering good bacteria in the gut. This further helps in improving our digestion significantly. No wonder it is added to many Indian curries as well. But what makes it so popular in the culinary world is its sheer versatility. From crunchy boondi raita to a tantalising bowl of dahi bhalla and to a simple bowl of sweet curd, we simply can’t get over it! And for those who are always searching for different ways to enjoy their bowl of curd, we’ve got a stellar recipe to try at home.

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Dahi has countless variations in the Indian cuisine.

Quick, easy and absolutely delicious, tadka dahi is just what you need if you love all things spicy, even curd! Tadka dahi is nothing but simply what you do to a dish of dal – adding a tadka to raise the spice quotient a little. All you need is to saute onion, tomatoes, turmeric, salt and red chilli powder along with kadi patta in some butter, let it cook for a while and pour over chilled curd. Voila! A spicy tadka dahi is ready for you to devour.

Find the full recipe of spicy tadka dahi here.

Adding to a list of curd specialities, tadka dahi is comforting, simple, quick, fuss-free and just perfect to tantalise your taste buds.

Try it at home and let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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